Cakes 3

Our cakes are all freshly baked with the finest ingredients. Orders for standard cakes and cupcakes can be processed up to 48 hours before the event, except when larger than 24 servings. We love to do cake tastings too, which can be booked in advance from here. Decorations can be added at an additional fee, as with our novelty cakes and cupcakes.

All cakes are available in Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free options, at an additional fee. We take extra care when working with gluten-free products as we are well aware of the allergy risks involved – our baker is a Coeliac!

Baked Cheesecake

12-14 Servings: R350
16-18 Servings: R450
12 Cupcakes: R300

Lemon Madeira Cake

12-14 Servings: R182
16-18 Servings:  R234
12 Cupcakes: R156

Carrot Cake

12-14 Servings: R294
16-18 Servings: R378
12 Cupcakes: R252

Lemon Meringue Tart

12-14 Servings: R168.00
16-18 Servings: R216.00
12 Cupcakes: R144.00

Vanilla Cake

12-14 Servings: R168.00
16-18 Servings: R216.00
12 Cupcakes: R144.00

Pink Champagne Cake

12-14 Servings: R280.00
16-18 Servings: R360.00
12 Cupcakes: R240.00

Red Velvet Cake

12-14 Servings: R210.00
16-18 Servings: R270.00
12 Cupcakes: R180.00

Lindt Chocolate Surprise Cake

12-14 Servings: R364.00
16-18 Servings: R468.00
12 Cupcakes: R312.00

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

12-14 Servings: R266.00
16-18 Servings: R342.00
12 Cupcakes: R228.00

Rice Krispie Treats

12 Servings: R96.00
24 Servings: R192.00
100 Servings: R800.00

Super-Moist Chocolate Cake

12-14 Servings: R196.00
16-18 Servings: R252.00
12 Cupcakes: R168.00