Our journey starts here, but our story began a long time ago… About 50 years ago, we would say. We are a mother-two-daughters-team, consisting of a Fashion Designer/Photographer, Florist, and Graphic Designer/Photographer who came together to form this company.

Our grandmother was an amazing person. She went to school until the age of 16, after which she had to work to support her family – which was not uncommon at the time. Through the years she taught herself how to sew, cater for weddings, arrange flowers and create delicate, beautiful wedding cakes. Our mother was the fourth daughter of five, and this is where our story really begins. Our grandmother taught each daughter how to sew by the age of ten, as she always said: “If I sew each of us a dress, I have made six dresses and we each still only have one.” Throughout her lifetime, she had many ventures, and every one of these ventures turned into a schooling opportunity for her daughters. Her talents were developed beyond the years she lived in and she was always one step ahead of everyone else.

Our mother learnt the valuable skills of decorating cakes, painting, arranging flowers and sewing wedding dresses, and she in turn taught us every one of those skills. Thus, Mrs V was developed over nearly twenty years of playing between the flowers and the fabrics on the floor while our mother was creating beautiful weddings for other people. One by one, we grew older, helping more and more with each function. Today, we don’t play anymore.

We are three highly skilled people who often collaborate with a pastry chef and two musicians to offer you a “one-stop-wedding-shop”. Of course we are not limited to wedding packages – we also create couture-style garments for special occasions, sing at corporate functions and bake cakes for birthdays. We offer you more than you can think of, the complete package – and the best of all, we make it fit into your budget!

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